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‘What is the relevance of podcasting to Human Resources Directors and Talent Managers’ is a question I often get asked.

Having been an SVP Human Resources in a global corporation, I often wished I had had the facility to create and distribute podcasts to support employee engagement and expressing the employer brand.

Internal communications teams and human resources departments have a fantastic opportunity to lead the way in adopting new media to connect and engage with their employees inside the organisation and that’s often a place it’s easier to start to engage in social media if you are not ready to launch a corporate blog or podcast to the world.

So I was delighted when Marie Boran contacted me as she was writing an article about podcasting in recruitment. The article was published in this weeks business section of the Independent and you can read a copy of the article online as it has been cross posted to Silicon Republic.

Developing a podcast to support you in your recruitment and talent management strategy not only brings to life the roles you are recruiting for in a meaningful way, it’s also inexpensive which is an important consideration in these challenging economic times.

Having read the article, if you want to take the next step with a podcast to support your recruitment process here are five tips to get you started:

1.    Research – Take the time to research and understand your target market so you understand what might be of interest to them – for example, tips about the recruitment process or insights from current employees about some of the projects they work on. Take the time to explore other recruitment and employee engagement podcasts

2.    Plan – Identify the content matter for your podcast, your podcast production timetable and decide if you want to produce it yourself or prefer to engage an external consultancy for podcast production

3.    Produce – If the content of your podcast is ‘king’ so that it engages and inspires your listeners, then production values are ‘queen’. Make sure that your podcast sounds great to listen to. A conversation between people versus a single monotone talking head is more likely to have more energy and is going to be easier on the ear

4.    Publicise – Now your podcast is ready for publication, decide where you will make it available from – for example as a link from the main navigation of your corporate website and your career website. Make it easy to find, accessible to download and listen to and encourage people ‘pass it on’ and refer your podcasts to a friend. Then promote your podcasts integrating it into your other employment marketing materials from your business cards, to email footers and brochures

5.    Seek Feedback – Ask for feedback from your listeners and discover what they value and continue to enhance the content of your podcasts in future episodes. Take the time to evaluate and measure the success of your podcast for example which were the most popular episodes – that will provide insights into how to continue to develop and improve your recruitment podcast series in the future.


About the Author: Krishna De is an award winning brand engagement strategist and author. She guides executives in how to create high performing businesses with a focus on building compelling and engaging corporate brands, employer brands and the personal brand of leaders using traditional and social media platforms. You can access her articles and podcasts at 'Biz Growth News' and subscribe to her ezine 'Biz Growth Express' for exclusive articles, free masterclasses and resources about branding, marketing and social media

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